In 1997, Cisco donated some networking equipment to a local school. But no one was trained on it, so the gear sat unused. This initial donation led to a valuable insight. Technology is truly powerful when combined with education. Cisco Networking Academy was born that day, as they trained the staff to build their network. Cisco Networking Academy quickly grew from a single school to become an ever-expanding community of students, educators, employers, NGOs, Cisco employees, and customers. They help shape communities and economies around the globe and is taught in 180 countries. They’ve created a pipeline of IT and cybersecurity talent ready to innovate and shape the future and are impacting the lives of 15 million students. They’re working with educators and instructors all over the world to deliver the best curricula for today’s world and they are in partnership with 29,300 instructors at 12,000 academies. Cisco Networking Academy has made in-kind contributions worth billions in tools, resources, and support to students, schools and instructors. By empowering individuals and organizations with problem-solving skills and transformative technologies, they will help bring the benefits of digitization to one billion people by 2025.