The Project


The GIL4W project, spearheaded by ECWT, embodies a convergence of innovative practices and collaborative efforts cultivated through partnerships with esteemed entities such as the Norwegian Confederation of Industries, SIMULA Research Lab Norway, NTNU, SINTEF, and the National Competence Centre for Multicultural Value Creation, augmented by insights from UN Women’s Innovation Strategy.

GIL4W stands as a pioneering initiative within the Greek landscape, poised to revolutionize research, innovation, and entrepreneurship with a gender-sensitive lens. Anchored in the imperative of integrating female talent, it aspires to catalyze the sustainable, green, and digital revival of the Greek economy post-Covid. Rooted in the accomplishments of the EEA GRANTS “Innovation and Employability for Women” outcomes project, recognized by the EU authorities, GIL4W is set to perpetuate its legacy, charting a trajectory of collaborative and participatory innovation.

It is designed to empower women as both service providers and beneficiaries, meticulously ensuring that innovations align with their diverse needs, underpinned by a robust data-driven framework. At its core, GIL4W seeks to establish itself as a beacon of knowledge transfer, bridging the expertise chasm between Norway and Greece. Facilitated by Norwegian partners, it endeavors to facilitate co-creation and frugal innovation, leveraging invaluable Norwegian know-how to alleviate the repercussions of the financial crisis and bolster the female workforce in Greece.

Members are urged to ingrain a gender-responsive ethos into their corporate fabric, conceive innovations that embrace female perspectives holistically, and meticulously evaluate their gender-responsive impacts. Moreover, GIL4W envisions a vibrant community of excellence, propelling women innovators and STEM-entrepreneurs to the forefront of the global innovation landscape. By nurturing scalable solutions that cater to the needs of women and girls, it aspires to carve a niche as a trailblazing hub of sustainable innovation, embodying the essence of progress and inclusivity.

The project “#GIL4W – Greek Innovation Lab for Women: Partnership for Norwegian Knowledge Transfer to enhance women’s know-how in R&I and entrepreneurship in Greece” is co-funded by EEA Grants representing the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Members of the Project:


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Our Intention

#GIL4W intends to become the leading Greek ecosystem to adopt a gender – sensitive approach to innovation and entrepreneurship, integrating the female talent into the sustainable, green and digital post-Covid recovery of the Greek economy.


Our Mission

Greek Innovation Lab for Women – #GIL4W, will create a space where members can share tools, lessons learned, business bases and rapidly push forward innovative practices. They are encouraged to set their own specific targets to:

  1. Make a high-level corporate commitment to adopt a gender-responsive approach to innovation
  2. Design innovations that include women as service and innovation providers as well as end users
  3. Adapt implementation approaches to ensure innovations meet the needs of women
  4. Evaluate gender-responsive impacts by using a data-driven approach
  5. Scale innovations that provide sustainable solutions to meet the needs of women and girls.

Our Vision

The vision of the Greek Innovation Lab for Women – #GIL4W is:

  1. To create an appropriate platform for the development of high-tech entrepreneurship in the digital economy,
  2. To support research and innovation and that is the basis for the creation of start-ups,
  3. To transfer the benefits of growth to the rest of the economy,
  4. To create the conditions for equal participation in the new environment that is shaped by the constant evolution of ICT and the diffusion of benefits across society with a special focus on female talent.

According to the Ministerial Decision 4196/18-01-2022, issued by Maria Syrengela – Deputy Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Affairs for Demographic Policy and Family, the first #GIL4W Steering Committee established and a 7-member steering committee was formed including representatives from seven founding members such as Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Affairs for Demographic Policy, Ministry of Interior, ATHENA RC, NCSR DEMOKRITOS, PASTEUR Institute, Greek National Network of Women Entrepreneurs and ECWT.



Steering Commitee

Coordinator of #GIL4W
Pantelis Nikolaidis
Advisor to the Secretary General of Interior & Organizations
Ministry of Interior
Strategic Human Resources Management and Gender Diversity and Digital Jobs Activities
Dimitris Raftopoulos
Coordinator of Priority
"Strengthening the Role of Women in Research"
Athanasios Drigas
Research Director
Coordinator of Priority
"Use of AI to increase Gender Equality"
Eleni Petra
Scientific Associate/
Project Manager
Coordinator of Priority
"Increasing Women’s Labor Market Participation"
Evgenia Tzortzi
Coordinator of Priority
"Improving Women’s Health and Wellbeing"
Sissy Kolyva
Coordinator of Priority
"Expanding Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs"
Sophia Efraimoglou